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The Murderer Lives at Number 221

Preview Another Case from Carlton House and Queen’s Park



“Extra extra! Murder at Eaton Place! Killer still walks among us, read all about it!” the grimy looking newsboy shouts from the corner, waving his newspapers at you, eagerly hoping to make a sale. Few things have changed since you last were on these dismal streets, riddled with shady creatures and the dastardly deeds they commit. Another murder without a clear culprit? More like another puzzle for you to solve!

In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, grab your magnifying glass and a few friends for this co-op game of cracking cases in Victorian London. Ten new cases await you with this new addition by Space Cowboys in the Carlton House and Queen’s Park box, some of which are the most difficult you’ve yet to face!

Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of the cases, The Murderer Lives at Number 221, to showcase a small preview of one of the most difficult cases within the Carlton House and Queen’s Park box. 

Important Note: Out of the ten new cases in Carlton House and Queen’s Park, some are the same cases in the previously released Ystari version of the game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, now fully revised and retranslated. The solutions and contents of some cases have been changed.



Careful: This case will take you more time to solve than a standard case.

A cab leaves us in front of 221B Baker Street, after advising us that the fare was already paid for.

We have barely knocked at the famous detective’s door that Mrs. Hudson opens it and, looking overly concerned, invites us to promptly get upstairs…We can hear rather exacerbated voices and, when we enter the sitting-room, Watson and Lestrade are amid a heated conversation…

“Now the irregulars are coming into the picture!” exclaims Lestrade as soon as we get in. “I assume Watson that you realise the kind of situation we’re in, and to what extent my credibility, not to mention that of the Yard, is menaced. For the good of our…shared…acquaintance, I suggest you the greatest discretion!”

…Watson looks at us, distraught, takes a few sips of his beverage, then starts explaining in a resigned manner.

“I had you fetched as soon as I heard the news, and I admit the details Lestrade provided moments ago are not encouraging. Sherlock Holmes is suspected to be….a murderer.”

Seeing our dumbfounded faces, Watson pauses shortly before resuming his account.

“…According to the Yard, Holmes took up residence there (in the home of the murdered) two weeks ago, and the body was found in the room occupied by Holmes at that address. No less than three witnesses, amongst whom the steward and the victim’s brother, assert having seen Holmes shooting at him before fleeing.”

“I have tried to convince him that all of this is ridiculous, that Holmes has been fighting crime for years with an efficiency that has become his trademark, and that he has no reason whatsoever to commit such an act! But Lestrade only fears one thing now: that this story be revealed to the press, and that Scotland Yard has collaborated with…a criminal!”

“Whatever Holmes’ involvement may be in this matter, I wonder where our friend is now, and I fear more and more for his life.”

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m going to see our friend Edward Hall to discuss how we should proceed in this matter, from a legal point of view of course. On your end, try to find Holmes, and go investigate the crime scene to prepare the defense of our friend.”

Note: In this case, certain leads may take you beyond London!

The Game Is Afoot!

Ten more cases are coming to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and now is the perfect chance to test your clue spotting and deductive skills by yourself or alongside a group of companions. Do you have what it takes to clear Holmes' name?

Prepare to solve the mystery of The Murderer Lives at Number 221, and pre-order your copy of Carlton House and Queen's Park (SHEH04) at your local retailer today!  In stores March 29th, 2018.