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The Demise of a Teetotaller

Preview a Case from Carlton House and Queen’s Park


The gas lit streets of Victorian London are filled with swirling fog and questionable shadows, hiding the cruelest intentions and ripe with crime. Luckily, they are also home to the world’s only (and best!) consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Aided by Dr. Watson and the rascally Baker Street Irregulars, no crime is too complex nor any criminal too elusive for Holmes.

In Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, a co-op game of solving crimes with logic and deduction, you and a handful of friends take on the roles of these Baker Street Irregulars, looking to solve ten of the many cases awaiting Holmes in the dreary streets of London. These ten new cases await you in Carlton House and Queen’s Park, including some of the toughest cases to crack yet!

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the beginning of the first of those cases—The Demise of a Teetotaller—to show just a sneak peek of what you’ll expect to encounter within the Carlton House and Queen’s Park box.

Important Note: Out of the ten new cases in Carlton House and Queen’s Park, some are the same cases in the previously released Ystari version of the game Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, now fully revised and retranslated. The solutions and contents of some cases have been changed.



"I beg you, Dr. Watson, you must persuade Mr. Holmes to help Donald." The young woman lets her head fall into her gloved hands and bursts into tears. Watson puts his arm around her shoulders trying to comfort her while looking at Holmes, his eyes imploring him to help. Holmes stands by the fireplace and does not even try to hide his annoyance. He does not seem inclined to help Watson in comforting their sobbing guest.

“Ah! Do not despair, Watson, here comes help,” says Holmes approaching us while we are standing on the threshold. “Come in, Wiggins, please all be seated. As you can see, Watson needs help.”

“Mrs. Sipton, do you feel strong enough to talk to my friends? They could be of help.”

“Mrs. Sipton? The notorious Mrs. Sipton?”

“Yes,” says Watson.

She seems to slowly calm down while Watson tells us the details of the case.

“Around half past nine last night, Sir Alfred Sipton was stabbed to death in the study room of his mansion. Most of the family members and staff stated that they were either out or already in their rooms at the time of the murder.”

"For some reason, two men from Scotland Yard were on the premises when Sir Sipton was killed. They were the ones to hear him cry out for help. They found a man, Donald Stillwater, bending over the body of Sir Alfred, holding the knife that was planted in his heart. The Police have charged Stillwater with the murder of Sir Alfred and detained him at Old Bailey’s.”

Mrs. Sipton raises her head towards us. “Last night I lost my beloved husband and my best friend is now accused of murder. I cannot believe that Donald has anything to do with Alfred’s murder, not for a moment! We have been friends since childhood.”

"I am positive that Donald didn’t do it. Can you please help me?”

“We’ll try,” respond Watson and Wiggins together. 

No sooner has Mrs. Sipton left than Mrs. Hudson comes in, giving us a note brought by the courier:

“Even Holmes can’t solve several cases concurrently! The Yard’s requests couldn’t have come at a worst time!” cries out Watson.

Ten more cases are coming to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and now is the perfect chance to test your logic and puzzle solving skills with a group of friends or on your own. Do you have what it takes to stand up to Holmes' scrutiny and catch these nefarious criminals?

Prepare to solve the mystery of The Demise of a Teetotaller, and pre-order your copy of Carlton House and Queen's Park (SHEH04) at your local retailer today!