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Announcing a Family Version of the Dueling Submarine Board Game

25 July 2017 | Captain Sonar


In the depths of the ocean, a submarine's sonar activates: the enemy is near! All hands rush to battle stations—the radio operator tracks the signal intently while the captain charts an intercept course. Deep beneath the waves, a tense battle of submarine warfare is joined…

Asmodee is proud to announce SONAR, a family version of the award-winning Captain Sonar board game. Launching exclusively at Target, SONAR puts all the excitement of the original into streamlined gameplay for two to four players.

In every game of SONAR, players split into two teams that command opposing submarines. Players navigate their vessels in an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, trying to locate their opponent while avoiding being spotted themselves. Each has the same goal: destroy the enemy!

Take Command

Each team represents two key officers aboard a submarine: Captain and Radio Operator.

Captain: As the Captain, you direct the submarine’s course and activate its systems. To move the submarine one space, you announce out loud UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT. (These directions are relative, corresponding to the ocean chart you use to track your submarine’s progress.) Ultimately, you’re trying to maneuver into a position to target the opponent’s submarine.

Each time you declare a move, draw a corresponding line on your map. You also cross out an empty space on the submarine’s energy gauge.

Radio Operator: As the Radio Operator, you track the enemy submarine to destroy it. You listen to the directions that the enemy team’s Captain gives and draw a corresponding path on your transparent tracking sheet. A submarine can start anywhere on the map, so your enemy’s location may not be clear at first. As the path develops, you can adjust how your tracking sheet overlays the map to narrow down its location. Determining your opponents' location is essential so that the Captain can target the enemy with torpedos.

Engage the Enemy

Victory is simple: the first team to inflict two damage on the enemy submarine wins! Achieving that victory is not necessarily easy, though—deep beneath the waves, it’s not obvious where the enemy is.

Both submarines maneuver on a map that is divided into four zones, each with twenty-five coordinate points. The teams plot their separate courses along these coordinates to hunt each other down.

To find—or avoid—the enemy, your submarine has three systems: Sonar, Silence, and Torpedo. When you use sonar, the enemy Captain must share either the column (letter) or the line (number) of the map where their submarine is currently. Silence lets you move your submarine one space without having to declare the direction out loud. Torpedo launches a torpedo, naturally, that you can target on a single coordinate anywhere inside your current zone.  

To activate a system, you use energy from your submarine’s energy meter. This meter gets a charge each time your submarine moves one space.

Achieve Victory

Each team’s Captain and Radio Operator working together to track down their enemies makes every game of SONAR thrilling. In the end, the team with the best communication and teamwork will claim victory.

Prepare to dive into your local Target this fall to pick up your copy of SONAR!