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Expand Your Route to Victory

Preview the Trading Posts of Cities of Splendor

11 July 2017 | Splendor


The southern sea winds have proven to be strong allies for the gem trading guilds of Europe. Opening new trade routes for gems and precious stones across India, the guilds’ reach now extends far wider than ever before. Yet with this newly gained influence comes the need to adapt. Along this new trade route to the Orient, which guild will harness the trading posts along the route and emerge the richest?

Cities of Splendor contains four expansions for the critically acclaimed Splendor, offering not one, but four new ways to play the favored classic—Cities, Trading Posts, Strongholds, and The Orient. Each expansion from Cities of Splendor provides a new and exciting addition to the game, showcasing different parts of the base game as you travel throughout Europe in pursuit of glory and wealth.

This week, we start our previews of the expansions within Cities of Splendor, leading up to its release at Gen Con 50! In each article, we’ll talk about one of the expansions and what it adds to Splendor, covering components, gameplay, and some strategies! We’ll also have a livestream this Thursday at 12 P.M. CDT, when we play the Trading Posts expansion from Cities of Splendor live!

The Trade Routes of the Orient

First on our list is the Trading Posts expansion. Here, the European trading guilds have made use of newly discovered routes to India, establishing trading posts along these routes that can unlock new powers and enhance the engine-building mechanics already present in Splendor.

In this expansion, the Route to the Orient board is added to the game, placed just below the noble tiles. Along with this new board, each player will take five identical coats of arms. At the end of your turn, if you meet any of the five different requirements for a trading post on the Route to the Orient board, you may place your coat of arms alongside that trading post and use its power until the end of the game.

For example, on his turn, Jesse claims a development card, granting him a second white bonus. At the end of his turn, he places his coat of arms on the corresponding trading post on the Route to the Orient board, unlocking this power for the rest of the game. From now on, whenever he takes two gem tokens of the same color, he can also take one gem token of a different color.

Having claimed two white bonuses, you can place your coat of arms on this trading post at the end of your turn, granting you a new power!

Unlock Exciting Powers

With the different powers unlocked by the Trading Posts expansion, you have the chance to customize your path to victory—stressing efficiency in one direction or another. Do you choose to enhance the power of your gold tokens or increase your gem token income? Or is a quick grab for more prestige points impossible to resist?

Each trading post can help you in a different way, but it’s unlikely that you’ll claim all five in a single game. One trading post lets you claim a gem whenever you claim a development card. Another gives you five prestige points automatically. Still another trading post grants you prestige for each coat of arms you’ve placed on the Route to the Orient board.

Trading Posts brings even more customization to the game, making every game with this expansion different. The Trading Posts expansion also shortens the game time slightly by way of these advantageous powers, making every decision more impactful. Only the players who are best at juggling the balance between claiming resources and building your powers with trading posts will be able to claim victory!

Even More Expansions for Different Gameplay

Trading Posts is just one expansion of the four within Cities of Splendor, adding a unique set of game-changing powers to the base game. This Thursday at 12 P.M. CDT, you’ll have the chance to see this expansion in action—we’ll feature the Trading Posts expansion on our Facebook livestream, so be sure to tune in and watch players vie for power. Then, join us next Tuesday, as we cover the Cities expansion, which introduces another brand-new way to play Splendor!

Can’t resist the urge for new powers? Pre-order your copy of Cities of Splendor at your local retailer today!