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A New Light Dawns

Lumen Fidei Is Now Available for T.I.M.E Stories

22 June 2017 | TIME Stories


Welcome, agents. We don’t have much time. After all, you could be embarking on your next mission as early as today—the mission we’ve designated Lumen Fidei.

No one here at the T.I.M.E Agency can predict exactly what you’re going to find, but we’ve done our best to acquaint you with what we currently know in our advance briefings.

Of course, you know the destination of your mission—medieval Spain near the end of the decades-long Reconquista—and your objective. An anomalous stone, rumored to have unexplainable powers, has been discovered in this era. Your mission is to travel into the past and retrieve this stone, bringing it back for safe keeping within the walls of the T.I.M.E Agency.

Read your initial briefing by clicking on the cards displayed on your screens above!

Through our briefings, we’ve also worked to acquaint you with the receptacles that you will choose to inhabit during your mission. Each of these receptacles has unique skills, ranging from the social manipulation of Fabiola de León, to the brute strength of Johann Krieg, to the studious knowledge of Francisco. You’ll need to cooperate with your teammates to choose which receptacles you’ll use in any mission, but on this mission in particular, we project that your choices will have… additional ramifications.


You’re returning to a time where faith wields incredible power, but many have already forsook the Christian faith for the path of the impious. Choosing faithless characters can have powerful benefits for your team—but your lack of faith could impact your mission in ways that even we cannot predict. When that fact is combined with the new transfer procedure that we are using for this mission, you’ll need to be on your guard and have your wits about you.

Good luck, agents! We can assure you that the Lumen Fidei mission will be unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. Remember your loyalty to the T.I.M.E Agency, and repair the timestream… once again.

Lumen Fidei is the fifth expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, inviting you and your friends to travel back to Medieval Spain near the end of the Reconquista. Lumen Fidei is now available at your local United States retailer, so pick up your copy and start your run today!