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Escape the Room

Unlock! Escape Adventures Are Now Available

1 June 2017 | Unlock!



You’ve walked through miles of New York subway tunnels in search of Dr. Hoffmann’s lab, and by now, your feet are aching. Any pain immediately falls away, however, as you open the small trapdoor, set in the concrete floor of your access tunnel. You’ve nearly arrived. All you need to do is search the lab for the formula, and… The trapdoor slams shut and locks above your head as the lights flicker on in a small, spartan room. You hear a synthesized voice crackle to life—“Self-destruction engaged. Sixty minutes.”

You have just one hour to escape the room, and now’s your chance to prove that you can. Three Unlock! adventures—The Formula, Squeek & Sausage, and The Island of Dr. Goorse—are now available at your local United States retailer. In these card-driven, app-supported escape room games for one to six players (or two to six players for The Island of Dr. Goorse), you’ll need to work together with your teammates to piece together clues, solve puzzles, and make deductions to escape before your time runs out.

Devious Puzzles, Brilliant Solutions

Every Unlock! adventure offers a completely unique aesthetic and features very different puzzles—yet they all run on the same essential mechanics. You begin the game in a room. Within that room, you’ll see a variety of numbers or letters. Some may be in play sight, whereas others could be cunningly hidden, but each of these numbers and letters correspond to cards in your deck. Once you’ve identified any numbers and letters in your room, you can search the deck for the corresponding cards and reveal them.

On the cards that you reveal from your deck, you’ll find items scattered around the room and machines that must be strategically manipulated. Ultimately, by logically combining red and blue cards (such as a key and a locked cabinet) and by solving challenging puzzles, you’ll be able to gain new cards from the deck and advance closer to your solution.

All the while, the Unlock! companion app is counting down your remaining time. From the very moment you start the game, the pressure is on to escape within an hour. Of course, the app does far more than serve as a countdown timer, however. You can ask the app for hints or help finding hidden objects, and at key points throughout the mission, you’ll need to punch a code into the app to progress past a locked door or other obstacle.

Choose Your Adventure

Though every Unlock! adventure uses the companion app and follows the same rules, you’ll find an extremely different experience in every game. Three complete adventures are currently available at your local retailer, and each tests your skills in a different way. The Formula challenges you to retrieve a truth serum and escape a scientist’s laboratory in the New York subway tunnels. Squeek & Sausage pits you against a cartoonish supervillain as you race to stop his doomsday device. Finally, The Island of Dr. Goorse splits the players into two teams after crash-landing on the private island of an eccentric billionaire, forcing you to work independently until you advance far enough to reunite your teams.

And if those adventures aren’t enough for you, you can find two more Unlock! mini-adventures available for download under the Resources tab on our mini-site! The Elite and Fifth Avenue both offer an additional challenge that’s free for you to download and play today.

Your Time Is Running Out

The timer has started and your seconds are slipping away! Put your mind to the task of escape, download the Unlock! app from the App Store or Google Play, and pick up your Unlock! adventures at your local retailer today!