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Receptacle Dossiers

Revealing Two Characters from Lumen Fidei

25 May 2017 | TIME Stories


T.I.M.E agents! You’re nearly prepared for your next mission—the one we’ve codenamed Lumen Fidei. Before much more time has passed, you’ll be strapping into your caissons and traveling back to Reconquista Spain. I’m sure that you have plenty of questions, but there’s not much that I can answer at the moment. What I do have time for, however, is to show you the last two receptacles associated with this mission.

Ramon and Francisco

The first receptacle is Ramon; you can see his dossier already projected on your screens below. If you choose to take on this receptacle, you’d be cast into the role of a servant—not nearly as powerful or important as a lady like Fabiola de León or a Teutonic knight like Johann Krieg. Still, people talk around servants, and a servant with an open ear and a quick tongue can find a lot of useful information.

Ramon is known as a polyglot, equipped with the ability to speak, or at least to understand, nearly any language of the region and time period. This makes him a master of diplomacy, and he’s also adept at manipulating those you may encounter. In fact, as long as you’re in close proximity, you should be able to convince another receptacle or an ally to use their abilities for your benefit. Convincing someone to act on your behalf is easy for Ramon, but unfortunately, his suggestions never last as long as you might like. Fortunately, Ramon is no slouch when it comes to agility or combat; still, you’ll always be at your best when you’re using Ramon’s wits and diplomatic acumen to achieve your goals.

As a final note—it’s important to realize that Ramon is quite impious, and choosing him as one of your receptacles will bring the entire group closer to heresy. There can be rewards for leading your whole group towards apostasy, but you’re traveling to a time where faith has incredible power. If your group falls too far towards impiousness, even we cannot predict the effects that this may have on your mission.


The final receptacle you may choose for your mission is Francisco, the private secretary of the Papal Legate, Michel d’Ailly. (Dossier displayed on your screen above.) At the beginning of your mission, we project that you will find yourselves as members of Michel d’Ailly’s retinue, meaning that Francisco would put one of you in perfect position from the very beginning of your mission.

Francisco has also developed a considerable ability to find whatever he needs—whether he’s searching through a book or the luggage of his traveling companions! Francisco’s dexterousness is certain to come in handy during your mission, and at times, it can seem almost supernatural. To round off Francisco’s profile, you should note that he holds to the Christian faith, which pushes your party closer to the ranks of the pious.

Well, agents, that concludes our look at the receptacles you may choose to command during the Lumen Fidei mission. Get ready for your mission to begin, and as always, good luck!

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