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Let the Kharnage Begin

Kharnage and Dark Rampage Are Now Available

27 April 2017 | Kharnage


For the past months, armies of humans, dwarves, goblins, and orcs have circled and jostled for position, carefully maneuvering to cut off their opponent’s lines of supply in an elegant dance of military strategy. Now, these forces have converged on a tiny hill of the utmost insignificance. Battle will be joined, and none of that strategic nonsense really matters. Instead, only one thing is certain—there will be blood. Kharnage, a card game of massive fantasy battles and bone-crunching slaughter, is now available at your local United States retailer!

Lead the Charge

In every game of Kharnage, you and up to three other players take command of fantasy armies, battling for dominance around a tiny hill. Your troops are drawn up in their lines of battle, and your only goal is to cause as much damage as possible—earning Kharnage tokens by destroying your opponent’s units.

But before you can slam into the enemy lines with a spine-tingling howl, you’ll need to select your strategy for the round from your available strategy cards. Every strategy card sets the stage for the rest of the round. The initiative value on the strategy card determines when you will take your turn, since players take their turns in initiative order, from lowest to highest. Your strategy card also determines exactly what you’ll be able to do on your turn. Reinforcement flags indicate how many new units you can add to your army by drawing cards from the top of your deck and slotting them into your battle lines. Beneath the reinforcement flags, you’ll see a number of attack symbols, which determine the types of attacks that you can make on your turn: melee, ranged, or magical attacks. What’s more, because every faction has its own unique set of strategy cards, playing as the Dwarves, for example, feels very different from taking command of the Goblins.

You can’t take up too much time scheming and plotting, however! You need to get to the most important part of your game—slaying your enemies and trampling the fleeing weaklings in your path.

During an attack, you simply total your units’ attack symbols that match the type of attack you are performing. For instance, in the example shown above, you have a total of seven melee attack symbols. Then, you use these attack symbols to crush units in your opponent’s army, targeting them one by one, starting in the front line and smashing past their defenses to target the rest of the army. If you’re fortunate enough to wipe out your opponent’s entire army, you will doubtless be rewarded, but killing any units is worth celebrating… at least until it’s your opponent’s turn to strike back.

Kharnage offers a thrillingly fast-paced and strategic card game that gives you the chance to become the general of a fantasy army, but you’re not limited to the armies that appear in the Core Set. The first Army Expansion for Kharnage, Dark Rampage, brings an entirely new faction to the game, challenging you to play as the necromantic Undead. Not only does this offer an entirely new army to shape your battles, it allows you to play Kharnage with up to five players, filling every clash with more blood and shattered bones than ever before.

Let Slip the Dogs of War

The battlefield lies open before you, with nothing but open ground between you and your most hated rivals. Draw up the lines of battle and prepare for combat! You can find Kharnage and Dark Rampage at your local retailer today.