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What Really Happened to the Endurance?

Expedition: Endurance Is Now Available for T.I.M.E Stories

9 February 2017 | TIME Stories


1914 NT: What really happened to the crew of the Endurance and their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition?

Bundle up, and step into your caisson. The Expedition: Endurance expansion for T.I.M.E Stories is now available, and its time-traveling, Antarctic adventure now awaits you!

From the moment you walk into the agency, it becomes clear that this mission is serious. Bob is late, and when he arrives, he's rattled. Sam is out of order, the techs haven't sorted out the problem, and you're forced to work with an old machine. All of this while you're about to confront one of the worst temporal anomalies that Bob has ever seen…

Something has gone wrong in the Antarctic in 1914, and the time and date suggest the problem concerns the crew of the Endurance and their goal to traverse the frozen continent. But there are signs, says Bob, that the anomaly concerns more than just the ship, its crew, and its expedition. There's a good chance you'll be dealing with the supernatural.

The Cold May Get to You

You'll close your caisson, close your eyes, and shift your consciousness. And then you'll feel it—the cold. It's excruciating. Your breath will flee from you like a ghost, thinning out into the air. Your fingers will immediately start to numb. And you'll blink your eyes—your receptacle's eyes, really—and adjust to the darkness of the cold, cramped boiler room within which you'll find yourself.

This is a scene of madness and despair.

The more you explore, the more you'll begin to realize how truly daunting your task really is. The ship is frozen. There's the stench of death all around you. The cold eats through your body. And something almost alien in nature may start to gnaw at your mind.

With its claustrophobic setting, evocative story, and measured pacing, the adventure from Expedition: Endurance easily stands among the darkest and most terrifying of horror stories. But it doesn't just present its madness in such a way that you can stand apart from it; Expedition: Endurance introduces rules that force you to grapple with your sanity.

We looked at these rules for sanity checks in our preview, "Frozen in Terror," and we suggested they may connect you to the supernatural forces at play. But if your first twinges of madness really are inspired by some power or powers beyond the natural realm, how will you confront them? After all, you aren't immortal; you are "trapped" in your receptacle's body, and that body is quickly freezing.

What About the Captain?

The cold and the madness will quickly have you on edge. As you and your companions have your minds slowly broken down, you'll pick up insanity cards, and you'll no longer be able to trust each other in quite the same way.

One of your so-called "teammates" may really be trying to kill you. They may be withholding information about the true nature of the mission.

As the expansion's insanity cards push your roleplaying in new directions, you'll begin to understand how the crew may have turned against each other. So where's the captain? And what does he know?

Whatever happened in Antarctica, it's affecting your future—your reality—and it needs to be rectified. The odds are against you. The cold is overwhelming. And you can't trust your friends quite so much as you might have hoped. But there's no one else who can get the job done. It has to be you.

Expedition: Endurance is now available. Head to your local retailer to pick up your copy today!