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Three New Mystery Adventures For Unlock!

9 November 2017 | Unlock!


The ordinary hum and buzzing of the submarine’s systems surround you—just another easy job near Lincoln Island, you think, it’ll be over in no time­! You begin to drift away into your own thoughts, when suddenly the alert sirens go off. Panic sets in as the normally steady vibrations of the ship become abruptly jostled. Something struck the ship. The adrenaline kicks in as you dash away from the impact site down into one of the submarine’s tunnels. Within seconds another loud crash can be heard—and a monstrous tentacle comes into view through a nearby porthole. Without thinking, you throw on the closest diving equipment within reach and plunge into the depths unknown away from the doomed sub, only to immediately notice that your oxygen supply seems to be dangerously low. Will you evade the monster and reach the surface in time? Time (and oxygen!) is of the essence!


Three brand-new Unlock! Mystery AdventuresThe Nautilus’ Traps, The House on the Hill, andThe Tonipal’s Treasure—are now available at your local United States retailer. These Mystery Adventures utilize the same exciting app-integrated escape the room playstyle as the original Unlock! Escape Adventures, while adding even more immersive narrative storytelling to the game. Whether you’re trying to escape the dreaded nautilus, discovering the secret to the haunted mansion, or racing other treasure hunters for the loot, these three brand new Unlock! Mystery Adventures will keep teams of 1-6 players on the edge of their seats for an immersive escape the room gaming session, playable anywhere!

Each Unlock! Mystery Adventure offers a unique experience featuring widely different puzzles—all while using the same basic mechanics and application functions. You’ll begin each game in a “room” or, in these adventures’ cases, a dangerous starting location. You’ll have access to some beginning cards in the deck, but in order to progress through the deck towards the final solution, you must use the hints on the cards and solve the puzzles related to them! (No cheating!)



While you and your team are burning your brains trying to solve the puzzles, the application is counting down time. From the second you land in the starting location, you have a set amount of time to reach the final solution, or in some cases, simply extend the time for more breathing room. The app doesn’t just taunt you with a countdown though, it gives access to hints, helps find hidden objects, and allows you to enter codes which will give you more cards with which to work. 



Each of the three mystery adventures is thrilling in its own way, and finding the solution to all three will take quite the team of experts to accomplish. You’ll find a different experience within each of these exciting scenarios, and even more in the previously released Unlock! Escape Adventures. And don’t forget – for those who just can’t get enough Unlock!, our mini site’s resource tab has a multitude of free print-and-play scenarios, some of which are quite the challenge!


But what are we doing here still?! The timer has started and precious time is getting away from us! Put your brains to the test and escaping that room, download the Unlock! app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and pick up your copies of Unlock! Mystery Adventures at your local retailer today!