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T.I.M.E. To Get Tubular!

Estrella Drive now available for T.I.M.E. Stories

30 November 2017 | TIME Stories


Welcome back, agents. Don’t mind the confetti, I’m just getting you in the spirit for your next mission. Take your seats, time is valuable, and you could be embarking on your next mission as early as today—the mission we’ve codenamed Estrella Drive.

You’ve been briefed on the destination of this mission—1980's Hollywood—and also your objective. Prepare for everything that comes with this setting: partying, loose morals, and other... "adult" content. Once again, agents, I cannot stress this enough—Estrella Drive is meant for mature audiences only. Those not of age should stay back at HQ.

The objective of your mission is to simply observe the temporal loop located in this time period. We aren’t looking to close this loop, merely gain knowledge from it. We’re certain that this mission in particular will prove to be key in studying the complex behaviors Time exhibits.

Through our briefings, we at the agency have worked hard to familiarize you with some of the far out (did I use that right?) receptacles that you can choose to inhabit during your mission. Each of the different receptacles has a particular skill set that might aid you in their own unique way. You’ll need to work together with your fellow agents to choose which characters to inhabit… and you might meet some new ones along the way!

You’re returning to a time of neon colors, shady characters, and confetti—which I still can’t seem to get out of my clothes no matter how hard I try—and I wish you the best of luck, agents. But please remember: you’re not there to alter or tamper with the temporal loop, only to observe. I cannot stress this enough.

One last final warning, agents. Estrella Drive comes with a strict Mature Audience only warning. Please keep this in mind when embarking on this mission. We here at HQ must reiterate: this mission and its themes are NOT for the younger audience. With that being said, good luck, agents. We can promise you that Estrella Drive will be different from any other mission you’ve embarked upon before. Remember your mission, keep an eye out for one another, and always remember your loyalty to the T.I.M.E Agency.

Estrella Drive is the sixth expansion scenario for T.I.M.E. Stories, inviting you and a team of friends to travel to Hollywood in the 1980s. Estrella Drive is now available at your local United States retailer, so be sure to pick up a copy and embark on your mission today!