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Examining Your New Briefing

Preview the Estrella Drive Adventure for T.I.M.E Stories

4 October 2017 | TIME Stories


Welcome back, agents. Quickly now, take your seats, we’ve got work to do.

You’ve already been briefed on your next mission, from here on out known as Estrella Drive. The place you’ll be sent to within the time stream—Hollywood, California, at the beginning of the 1980s. Prepare for cheap thrills, neon colors, and plenty of confetti.

(I should mention one more time before we begin, agents: the themes that await you in this particular mission are not for the young or faint of heart. We highly recommended that that agents of a young age stay back at HQ and not embark on this mission.)

Your objective? To locate and study what we believe to be a temporal loop. Bear in mind, we aren’t looking to close this loop, as the knowledge it will give us as it unfolds will prove to be invaluable to our organization. We’re certain that this mission will be integral in studying the behaviors that Time exhibits—some you have never seen before, agents. More on that later.

Another important piece of background information: the position of the anomaly in question is within a mansion located in the luxurious Hollywood Hills. Our scans have detected some supernatural happenings at this particular location; we believe it to be haunted by citizens of this era in time. I must stress again, you must approach this mission with extreme poise, as it is NOT for the faint of heart. Your objective is to keep the rift open and gather information, and this is paramount above all else. You will encounter strange occurrences—colder than usual temperatures, objects moving on their own, other unexplained phenomena. But remain diligent, agents; we aren’t ghost hunting here. No matter what happens, stick to the mission. 


Above, we’ve displayed two receptacles you may inhabit during your time on Estrella Drive. Nilda Airey is a tabloid reporter who’s ready to do anything to get to the bottom of a story. Scandals and revealing the “truth” are a tabloid writer’s livelihood, so this receptacle will prove to be advantageous for the calm and collected search within the temporal rift. The next receptacle is Scott Brody. “Just a Gigolo”, Mr. Brody’s always searching for his next woman of interest. As such, whenever an action Scott takes involves a female character, he’s able to manipulate the outcome of his dice—proving to be especially valuable whenever he’s around the ladies.

Time Fissures

While on this mission, it’s worth mentioning that you’re going to encounter something you’ve never seen before, agents: Time Fissures. The unidentified anomaly at the Hollywood mansion is complex beyond compare, and as such, we believe the timeline has begun to… alter. We’re not entirely sure why, but it’s possible that multiple separate contacts occurred in the same location between two specific temporal moments resulting in this chaos.


During this mission, when one or more players encounters the Time Fissure symbol (above), Time Stops and the group loses one Temporal Unit—decreasing the time allotted to complete the mission. A disruption in the timeline hastens the game, so you’ll have to act smartly and with haste!

As you can see, agents, time is of the utmost importance on this mission. Be wary of the fissures, but do not lose sight of our ultimate goal here. Gaining more knowledge on this particular rift will aid the Agency’s cause immensely.  

I realize that the idea of fissures, haunted mansions, and ultimately the unknown is a lot to take in, agents, but we trust in your abilities which is why we’ve asked you here. We don’t know exactly what will pan out on Estrella Drive, but we know that with your training, and loyalty as T.I.M.E agents, we are sure you will be able to handle whatever happens and find out more about this temporal loop and increase our overall knowledge of the timestream.

Best of luck, agents.

The next expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, Estrella Drive (TS07), is set to release in Q4 of 2017. Pre-order at your local retailer today!