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A Downloadable Unlock! Scenario

6 January 2017 | Unlock!


Just before the holidays, we snuck in an announcement for the upcoming Unlock!, an escape adventure system which pits you and your team against both the clock and a collection of tricks, traps, and puzzles. Each Unlockgame is made up of a sixty-card deck, containing a number of objects and challenges which you must discover and decipher. By pairing cards, uncovering clues, and solving puzzles, you will progress through the hourlong trial in hopes of escape. As you move forward however, you will face various trials and challenges, such as miscalculated combinations that eat up your time or tricky traps which will further complicate your adventure. If you do successfully bypass all the puzzles in the sixty minutes allotted, you will escape and win the game! If you don't however, you'll have to start over and try again with the knowledge from your previous attempt at your back. 

Read on for a sneak peek at the upcoming adventures and to learn how to download a demo of the game right now!

The Unlock! Adventures

The game system's first release in stores will feature three different adventures, each available individually so you can pick one up quickly for a spontaneous game night or collect the whole set and become an Unlock! expert. The adventures differ in theme and in difficulty, allowing you to tailor your play to the game experience you're seeking. 

The first adventure, Unlock! The Formula is of medium difficulty, easing you into the gameplay without sacrificing challenge. Your primary goal in The Formula is to track down the chemical creation of a missing scientist. You'll begin deep in the subway tunnels of New York City where the doctor's laboratory is hidden. Upon entering the lab, your sixty minutes will begin—if you don't locate the serum and escape before time is up, a dire consequence awaits your failure! 

In the second adventure, Unlock! Squeek & Sausage, you'll find yourself in the midst of a colorful cartoon battle—also of medium difficulty. Your nemesis, Professor Noside, has an evil plot to destroy the world, and as you're in favor of a world in one piece, it's your job to stop it. Noside is a sharp opponent indeed, having put in place a number of worthy traps in order to combat your clever tricks. It may take you a couple of total failures to decipher the mad scientist's clues and foil his wicked plans.

The final adventure, Unlock! The Island of Doctor Goorse, is not only the most challenging of the three, but also features a unique element: teams. After crash-landing on an island, the players will be split into teams, forced to find each other, and attempt then to get off the island. Though the first two Unlock! games can be played solo, this feature requires at least two players, splitting up the cards and adding even more complications to your escape attempt.

Getting Acclimated

Though the first three challenges are all set at medium- and hard-level difficulty, we won't throw you straight into the deep end. First, you needn't pursue these adventures in any particular order. Each is entirely standalone, and if The Island of Dr. Goorse is particularly calling your name, you're welcome to dive in right away. Before beginning any of the adventures, though, you'll want to take a peek at the tutorial, which is conveniently included in all three.

The ten-card adventure will ease you into the mechanics of the game in under as many minutes. Though there is a comprehensive and organized rulebook included, the game is quite self-explanatory, and the tutorial even moreso. Players who prefer to learn as they go will have no problem jumping right into the game, using the book as a reference rather than a starting point, and then moving right along to the included adventure. 

Can't Wait?

We promised a downloadable demo and a downloadable demo you've found! Just a couple weeks ago, Space Cowboys released a demo version of Unlock! to whet your appetite for the game's release in a couple of months. The app is available to download on Google Play for Android users and on the Apple store for those using iOS devices, giving you a first look at the upcoming game. 

Once you have downloaded the app, you can make use of the demo materials available at the Unlock! website. The demo folder includes four important components for getting into the game: a quick-start guide, the full game rules, the ten-card tutorial, and your pre-release adventure, The Elite! With these four files and the game app, you can read all about the game mechanics, get a feel for the gameplay itself, and challenge yourself to your first Unlock! adventure—locating enough evidence to convict a notorious criminal and escaping the room before anybody suspects a thing. 

Download the demo today, and keep your eyes open for the three Unlock! adventures to arrive on store shelves early this spring.