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Listen Up, T.I.M.E Agent!

Bob Addresses the Tachyon Protocol Alternatives of Expedition: Endurance

31 January 2017 | TIME Stories


Expedition: Endurance, the fourth expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, is scheduled to arrive at retailers next Thursday, and that means it's time to gear up for the Antarctic.

In Expedition: Endurance, you and your fellow T.I.M.E Agents will project your consciousnesses across space and time. You'll slip your minds into the bodies of the Endurance's crew, and you'll use these "receptacles" and their individual talents to solve a deadly mystery.

Something has gone horribly wrong aboard the Endurance, or connected to its trans-Antarctic expedition, and your history—your reality—is starting to warp and buckle as a result. The situation is dire. You must act quickly. And you must hold fast to your sanity.

In an earlier preview, we revealed how Expedition: Endurance forces you to test your Willpower against the onset of madness. Not only will you be trapped aboard a frozen vessel in a realm of ice and death, but you may very well be forced to confront the unnatural.

As Bob, your master instructor, has explained, he expects the interference of supernatural forces, and they are likely to place a strain upon your nerves. But that's not all that may test your sanity. One of you may very well have to adapt to life in non-human form, and as Bob explains, the experience may have lingering effects. As such, we have a special training session lined up for you…

File 8EA5T: Tachyon Protocol—Alternate Receptacles

Agents, this is a special training for missions involving… let’s say ‘"non-human receptacles." As you know, the tachyon process separates your mind from your body and lets you slip into and gain control of another human being.

Some time ago, following a rare malfunction of the tachyon targeting device, we found out that we could actually let agents use animals as receptacles. Officer Nathan Marks, the first agent ever to insert into an animal receptacle has kindly agreed to… Where is he? Nathan, would you please stand up and stop mewing? Thank you…

Oh, he’s leaving. Well, as a cat—instead of the intended receptacle, the cat’s owner—Officer Marks was able to execute an amazingly successful distraction on a primitive communication system called the Internet. His efforts allowed the other team members to achieve their objectives without anyone noticing.

We have since performed other non-human insertions. At the time being, we can only target a limited range of animals: mammals, preferably with two or four legs… and with a reasonable brain size. Agency R&D is currently working with the Departments of Biology specializing in botany, entomology, and herpetology. So you can expect some stranger things down the line.

As of now, we use a very thorough process to test the animal receptacles. They need to be submitted to the same tests as human receptacles for time line continuity and lack of legacy, of course. But the real test involves neural and brain stuff.

You see, the brains of mammals are roughly similar to ours. But some functions are very, very different. Be especially careful with your instinctive responses. Stay focused at all costs, and don't get distracted by foods , other animals, or—especially!—the opposite sex.

I’m not only talking about the mission, here. Marks’ example demonstrates how some agents returning from animal receptacles may display disturbing new habits or characteristics… For example, Officer Marks has developed a strange pattern on his workdays, significantly reducing his efficiency as he sleeps sixteen hours a day. We’ve worked hard to eradicate these symptoms and ensure current and future missions as safe as possible, but there are some lingering complications. 

So agents, if you feel the sudden urge to sniff at my pants, well… It may be a normal side effect, but it will still land you in trouble.

Time to Take Charge

It's nearly time to strap yourself into your caisson and shift your consciousness into its new receptacle. Will you emerge as one of the scientists aboard the Endurance, one of the sailors, or the sled dog Fenrir? Whatever your receptacle, you'll need to make good use of its strengths and talents.

In the meantime, we've added a new date to your time line: Expedition: Endurance arrives at retailers next Thursday!