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Frozen in Terror

A Preview of the Expedition: Endurance Expansion for T.I.M.E Stories

3 January 2017 | TIME Stories


A long time ago, the world was larger and wilder. Before it was tamed by airplanes, satellites, and smartphones, the world stretched past the horizon to unknown destinations in all directions. Your travel over land could take you only so far, and then you would come to the edge of the unfathomable ocean. Boundless so far as the eye could see, its waters led to other lands that may as well have been other worlds, and it was only by the heroic efforts of generations of explorers that we came to learn the shape of the lands beyond the waters' edge.

What would it be like to be a part of one of those daring expeditions into the uncharted world?

Can you imagine the quiet of a world without digital devices? Can you hear the silence, broken only by the wind snapping against your sails and the waves breaking ceaselessly against your prow? Can you feel the air buzz with excitement as you first catch sight of the world's last unmapped continent? …And can you imagine the terror when your vessel gets trapped in ice at the world's edge? With no way to break free—as your supplies dwindle day by day—how terrifying must it be to battle for survival in weather colder than you've ever known?

This is the scenario in which we find ourselves with the Expedition: Endurance expansion for T.I.M.E Stories.

You can learn more about your mission by exploring Base locations A through D.

The Onset of Madness

In Expedition: Endurance, your receptacle is one of the crew of the doomed Endurance. Something has gone wrong with the expedition, and you must travel back to the year 1914 to close whatever temporal rift you may find aboard the ship or in the Antarctic wilds beyond.

But your receptacle has already been compromised. The Endurance has been trapped in an ice floe, and the crew is running out of food and heat. The barren white landscape looks like death. And the realization that they're going to die—lost and forgotten in this frozen wasteland—has begun to drive the crew members mad.  There's little love or trust left between them. They've been overtaken by paranoia, agoraphobia, and kleptomania.

More than that, there's a good chance that you, too, will succumb to the madness. Just as each T.I.M.E Stories mystery can transport you to a different age and place, it can alter the core rules and jolt you just a little bit from your comfort zone. In Expedition: Endurance, however, that jolt isn't small, and you'll be pushed far from your comfort zone. Instead, you'll be fighting for your sanity as you explore one of the most terrifying of all T.I.M.E Stories adventures in a frozen, cloistered, death-ridden environment.

Each receptacle in Expedition: Endurance comes with four key attributes, the fourth of which is Willpower. You can bet you'll have this Willpower tested, and if you fail, your already thin sanity may peel away another layer. Peel away one more and you risk the acquisition of an Insanity card like Paranoia.

While these Insanity conditions are crippling as soon as you acquire them, they can still get worse. Each has a Worsening effect, which triggers according to a set of conditions defined by the card, and which then makes it even harder for you to complete your mission.

The result is that, even though you're really a T.I.M.E Agent—projecting your mind into your receptacle's body from the crew member's distant future—you'll find yourself vulnerable to the same madness that threatens to eat through the Endurance and its crew… And, of course, there's still a temporal rift somewhere that needs to be closed. It's just that simply surviving your time in the Antarctic is already a challenge, and overcoming that challenge—staving off the onset of madness—in order to solve the mystery that threatens to destabilize your reality will require an unyielding strength of mind.

A Run Like No Other

From your first moments in the T.I.M.E Agency base, and through your encounter with an obviously frazzled Bob, it's clear that the mission you undertake in Expedition: Endurance is bound to be different than those that have preceded it. The stakes are incredible. Time is unraveling at an unprecedented rate. And just what does Bob mean by "supernatural forces" anyway?

There's no time for questions, though. In fact, if you don't act quickly, there will be no time at all—at least not the centuries of history that you remember. So step into your caïsson, and prepare for a run like no other.

Expedition: Endurance is coming. Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today!