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Wrapping Up a Summer of Asmodee Excitement

30 August 2016 | Asmodee Games


Happy fall, gamers! Well, it’s not quite fall yet, but after such a full and wonderful summer, the time feels right for brisk evenings, yellowing leaves, and school buses. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let’s take a quick look back at some of the summer fun we announced and released. Then we can get to the new stuff we’re so excited about!

New Releases

From sinister shadows to engaging teamwork, we’ve had an explosive couple months of releases. Four brand new core games of ours have hit store shelves since June, including the delightful planet-building game, The Little Prince: Make Me A Planet and the enchanting society-saving dance through the meadows, Via Nebula. The cooperative and innovative smash hit Captain Sonar has also begun to grace tables, encouraging both conflict-free and efficient teamwork as well as a healthy bit of fast-paced competition. Just last week, we also released Martin Wallace’s competitive and zombie-ridden road tripgame, Hit Z Road, in which you need not necessarily outwit the game…but rather outrun your friends.

Recently, we have delivered two new Spot It! versions to retailers across the country—one being the oceanic Spot It! Finding Dory and the unpredictable Spot It! Fire & Ice. Additionally, we released brand new expansions for both Mysterium and Cash ’N Guns. Mysterium: Hidden Signs brings new suspects, locations, weapons, and clues to your investigation into the murder at Warwick Manor, while Cash ’N Guns: Team Spirit adds a new cooperative element to your campaign against your greedy criminal cohorts. Finally, we released a revised edition to the identity investigation game, Mr Jack Revised Edition, featuring new art and gameplay-enhancing board changes.

Exciting Announcements 

On top of all of the games you can get your hands already, we announced a whole bundle of titles to be released later on this year, as well. For the quick-thinking world-builders out there, 4 Gods allows you to take on the identity of a god and earn points for the parts of the world under your control. For the fierce barbarians, we announced Conan, the highly anticipated game of swords and sorcery. For our curious intellectuals, hoping to imagine and bring to life groundbreaking creations, we revealed Legendary Inventors. Travel back in time in still more newly announced titles, Inis and Citadels. Explore and rule over the misty, unexplored landscapes of Ireland in Inis, and build a stunning medieval city in Citadels

Expansions that you can look forward to picking up in the coming months include Dixit: Revelations, 7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon, Cyclades: Monuments, and Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners. Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures also made its first appearance. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective fans can incorporate this game into their existing collection, though new investigators can also pick up the game without needing any additional components to play. 

What’s Next

It’s been a crazy couple of months, so we’ll take a moment to let you gamers catch your breath, but not for long. In the next couple of weeks, you can expect to see our announcement of a narrative game of persuasion and schemes as well as an expansion to a game of growing civilizations and divine favor. The air is beginning to cool and school bells ring in the distance, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over—not for a second. We may be biased, but the fun never stops when there are games to be played!