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Check Out These Great Two-Player Asmodee Games!

26 August 2016 | Two Player Games


One of the most difficult parts about the board gaming hobby is trying to assemble enough players to play your favorite game. Games like Eclipse, the galaxy-spanning space opera, only improve with higher numbers of players, but this also increases the time spent playing; not everyone can commit to that on the all-too-seldom game nights. 7 Wonders is a relatively quick game with any number of players, but to heat up the competition and get the game running on full cylinders, you want more than the three-player minimum. Thankfully, there are a ton of fantastic two-player games in the Asmodee catalog just waiting to be brought to the table. Whether you’re planning a quiet night at home with your significant other or can only get your sibling to join you at the kitchen table, we’ve got a few great games to fill an otherwise lonely game night!


First and foremost, Raptor by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti is one of the most engaging and fascinating two-player games available. One player plays as a raptor living peacefully in the jungle with her children, while the other plays a team of scientists attempting to capture her raptor babies. Using a unique system of numbered cards, each player will either get to take advantage of a special ability on their chosen card, or take a set number of actions based on the numerical difference between the players' cards. Simple, clever, and quick, Raptor provides a light but competitive game any two gamers will enjoy.

7 Wonders: Duel

Second is the wildly popular 7 Wonders: Duel. The two-player iteration of the classic 7 Wonders, this head-to-head empire builder boasts intense strategic depth, multiple ways to win, and a playing time that easily allows for a quick rematch. Played over three ages, players go back and forth drafting cards from a center tableau of faceup and facedown cards. As certain cards are picked up, the revealed cards of the next tier in the tableau are made available. This gives players lots of incentive to move the game along and access more powerful cards or ones necessary for their strategy, while also unlocking the same opportunities for their opponent. A wonderful game full of tons of replayability, the first expansion, Pantheon, was just announced a few weeks ago!

Mr. Jack

Next up is the thrilling chase through the streets of London with Mr. Jack. With a brand new revised edition just released, there’s no better time to pound the pavement in an effort to catch the notorious Jack the Ripper. One player assumes the role of the detectives hunting the elusive Jack, while the other plays none other than Jack himself, masquerading as one of the hapless detectives! Each round, players choose and move two detectives around the murky streets of London, using their abilities and navigating the revealing lamplight. Once all characters have been moved, Jack the Ripper must tell the detectives if his disguised detective is in the lamplight, revealing a witness to his crimes! Play proceeds until the detective player can identify Jack, until Jack escapes off the board, or until Jack remains disguised for eight rounds.


If you’re more in the mood for building your own gem-crunching puzzle engine, then the new classic Splendor should definitely hit your table. One of the most challenging parts of Splendor is seeing how others throw their diamond-encrusted wrenches into your plans; as more players join the game, you'll see more variations in strategy and more competition for the tiles you may want. With two players, this competition doesn’t go away, but you are more likely to get the satisfaction of seeing your plan come together. What’s more, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as nabbing that one tile you know your only opponent needs, and seeing them scramble to make up the deficit. 

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

We also know there are a few gamers out there who don’t revel in being a cutthroat gem merchant on the ancient Silk Road or tranquilizing infant dinosaurs. If you’re looking for a great cooperative two-player experience, look no further than Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. As you and your gaming partner take on the roles of detectives in the famous Baker Street Irregulars, you'll use your combined wits to travel about London, interview witnesses, and piece together the clues hidden within the subtext of your conversations or buried in the classifieds of the daily newspaper. In the end, you’ll see if your two brains are a match for Sherlock himself, and if you can put these clever criminals away for good. What's more, after you solve all those thrilling cases, you can continue your investigations in the forthcoming expansion, Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures.


Last on our list is not for the faint of heart—the heroic combat and epic Hyborian adventures of the Conan board game make for an exciting and intense two-player experience. Scenario based, each game of Conan will provide both the Overlord and Hero player with a different scene laid out in front of them, with different goals for each to accomplish. The Hero player will take on the roles of Conan and his allies, while the Overlord player will command his malicious minions. A more complicated game that will challenge your tactical acumen and adventuring spirit, Conan is guaranteed to give you and your gaming partner hours of exciting and engaging gameplay. The best part: when you’ve finished the entire campaign, you can switch roles and experience the thrill from the other side!

Never Stop Gaming

As you can probably imagine, this is only the tip of the iceberg when considering the great two-player games available to play. Other titles you might want to explore include T.I.M.E. Stories, Colt Express, Loony Quest, and Hit Z Road, but there are countless others. Just take a look at our extensive catalog for ideas! And remember, no matter how many or few players you might have, there’s always a way to get some great board gaming in!