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Time Has Gone Wrong

Learn More About the Mysteries of A Prophecy of Dragons

1 March 2016 | TIME Stories


"Your mission is simple: Foil the plans of the Syaans by resealing a temporal fault."

Time has gone wrong, and it's your job to fix it. A Prophecy of Dragons is the second expansion for T.I.M.E. Stories, and it comes loaded with mysteries and magic, much of which you'll encounter as you wander through an alternate history in order to safeguard your future.

Once you complete your Tachyon Insertion and arrive in your receptacle, you'll need to acclimate yourself to the culture and environs of Algueria, where the king has been infiltrated by a Syaan time traveler. Why are the Syaans interested in a historical king of Algueria? That's just one of the questions you'll try to answer as you hunt for clues about the nature of the temporal fault. As with any good mystery, A Prophecy of Dragons has more than one twist in store for you.

The Lay of Algueria

Things are going wrong rather quickly in Algueria, and that means you'll need to conduct your investigations with a good deal of urgency. It also means that you'll need to choose wisely where you'll start. Will you consult with the locals at the Dragon Inn? Will you head to the Old Dock or the Lost Woods? Or will you try to head to the Castle Plaza directly, hoping you can confront the infiltrated king?

Different locations and elements in A Prophecy of Dragons may be locked from you when you first encounter them, so it's critical that you find the appropriate keys (or spells) to get where you want to go. Additionally, you may discover other locations or objects along your way that lead to yet more layers of mystery.

  • We already encountered an entirely anachronistic pair of Collectible Briefs in our previous look at A Prophecy of Dragons, but how does it connect to the fate of Algueria and time, in general?
  • Of course, the briefs aren't the only objects of wonder you could encounter. You may find a strange Glyph Medallion of ominous significance. Could it help you later along your quest? Perhaps. But there's a chance it may lead you into even greater danger.
  • It's also a safe bet that if you find A Cube made from an unknown matter that it probably doesn't belong in Algueria's proper history. It's also a safe bet that it was brought to Algueria for a specific purpose, one that the cube may even help you uncover.
  • Finally, it's not just objects that you may find bouncing around, out of place and out of time. You might even come across people, who are likely to be entirely bewildered by the circumstances. After all, you have to remember there was once a time without time travel technology and, well, Algueria's history was supposed to be one of those times.

Where Will You Begin Your Investigations?

The streets of Algueria lie before you. Which will you follow? With the security of all time and space at stake, you'll need to act quickly to repair the temporal fault.

A Prophecy of Dragons is scheduled to arrive at retailers throughout the United States on Thursday, March 10th!