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Dark Rampage

Announcing an Army Expansion for Kharnage

14 December 2016 | Kharnage


You’ve battled your way closer and closer to this tactically insignificant hill, leaving a train of bodies behind your mighty army. You’ve nearly reached your objective when you realize something is wrong. Behind you, the warriors you have slain are slowly picking themselves up, reclaiming their weapons, and attacking your rearguard! And that’s not really fair, now is it?

Bring a necromantic flair to your bloodthirsty battles with Dark Rampage, an upcoming Army Expansion for Kharnage! Now, you can bring the Undead to your battles with all the unit cards and strategy cards that you need to add a new faction to your games. And as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also be able to add an additional player to your carnage-filled battlegrounds, turning your four-player scrums into massive five-player melees.

Call the Dead

Led by the deadly Shadow Queen, the Undead arrive in Kharnage with a cold, undying fury that’s unmatched by any other faction. The Undead even possess dark skills that allow them to summon reinforcements in the midst of battle. 

For instance, many of the Undead units like Vigo the Krapathian feature a green reinforcement flag, which allows you to draw units from the slain units on the hill. By wielding your necromantic prowess, even units belonging to other factions may suddenly appear in your army, fighting under your thrall and perfectly willing to die again if it pushes you closer to victory. 

Other Undead units, like Baron Samedi, are well suited to calling upon zombies that swell your ranks in the midst of battle. At the beginning of a game, you’ll set aside six Zombies. Then, after melee attacks, you can deploy new Zombies into your army, ensuring that your army replenishes its ranks even as it makes attacks. And because these Zombies are the perfect fodder for your front lines, your opponent will need to cut through these rancid corpses in order to get to the rest of your armies. 

Join the Battle

The Undead are coming—rising from the battlefield, pushing their way up through loose topsoil, and stumbling forth from crumbling crypts. Bring new chaos and danger to your games of Kharnage with the Dark Rampage expansion! Look for Dark Rampage at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2017.