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Announcing a New Card Game of Battle and Mayhem

29 November 2016 | Kharnage


Battle has raged across your fantasy world for as long as anyone can remember. Great armies rampage over the countryside, crushing their foes, battling anyone who looks at them funny, and milling about causing havoc. Now, your army has gathered in front of a small hill—a hill of no particular tactical significance. But look: three other armies are approaching the same hill, and now you have no choice but to utterly destroy them. It’s time for Kharnage.

Kharnage is a fast-paced, tactical card game for two to four players that puts you and your opponents in command of massive fantasy armies. Each turn, you’ll select your strategy and call upon new reinforcements to join you in battle. Then, you’ll use your newly arrived forces to smash your opponents’ armies and create a scene of total war. Whether you’re fighting for the Dwarves, the Humans, the Goblins, or the Orcs, Kharnage invites you to command a unique army with a distinct fighting style. Muster your forces, lead them to war, and collect the skulls of your enemies!

Makin’ Plans

At the start of any game of Kharnage, your first units have already arrived in front of the hill. But those paltry few warriors aren’t enough; you need more units, bigger ranks, longer lines of battle! As the round begins, each player secretly selects a strategy card from his hand—once everyone’s ready, these cards are simultaneously revealed. 

A strategy card sets the stage for the entire rest of the round—it determines your initiative, the reinforcements you’ll receive, and the attacks that you can make (and thus, the amount of battlefield carnage that you’ll be able to create!). For instance, the Goblin strategy card shown below has an initiative score of 220. During the game round, players will take their turns in order of initiative, from lowest to highest. 

The strategy card shown above also indicates five reinforcement flags, which means that you’ll receive five additional units for your army at the beginning of this round. Beneath the reinforcement flags, you can see the symbols for a melee attack and a ranged attack, indicating the attacks that you can make this round. Each of your strategy cards is different, bringing a different number of reinforcements, different attacks, a different initiative number, and even unique special abilities. And even better, the cards available to each faction are different, which means playing as the Dwarves feels very different from playing as the Goblins. You’ll have to learn how to pursue each faction’s unique strategies if you’re going to claim victory in Kharnage!

Your army is arranged in lines, charging towards the central hill!

But all of this scheming is only slowing you down! It’s time to get to the most vicious, bloody, carnage-filled part of the game—combat.

Breakin’ Bones

Once you’ve kicked your newly arrived reinforcements into line, it’s time to attack an enemy army with as much strength as you can muster. Each unit in your army contributes a number of attack symbols for melee attacks, ranged attacks, or both. The number of these symbols is the total strength of your attack, and you’ll be able to direct it against any army within reach—or even every army within reach!

For each attack, you’ll target an enemy army and begin destroying units from that army, moving from the front lines back. Every unit also has a defense number shown in the card’s upper right-hand corner, facing your enemies. You’ll need to spend a number of attack points equal to a unit’s defense in order to destroy it—and destroy these units you will. You’ll blast through enemy ranks, cutting your opponent’s formations to pieces, and sending enemy units to their sudden, painful, and inevitable doom. Then, once you’ve resolved all of your attacks, your turn ends, and it’s another player’s turn to bring out his reinforcements. 

With seven attack symbols, your melee attack will wipe out the front line of the Dwarf army!

Of course, it doesn’t really matter if your opponent is about to strike back and wipe out your own army. The only thing that matters is how much carnage you were able to create and how many units you were able to destroy. Players receive skulls at the end of each round based on how many units you massacred, and if you wiped out an entire army, you also gain a Kharnage token, which is worth an additional skull at the end of the game. After four rounds, the player with the most skulls claims the strategically insignificant hill and wins the game!

Takin’ Names

Are you prepared to revel in a battlefield filled with the bodies of your allies and your enemies? You’d better be—or you won’t stand much of a chance against your opponents! Look for Kharnage at your local United States retailer in the first quarter of 2017!