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Expedition: Endurance

Solve an Antarctic Mystery in the Fourth Expansion for T.I.M.E Stories

3 October 2016 | TIME Stories


1914 NT: What really happend to the crew of the Endurance and their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition?

You've never been on a run like this before… Time has burped and buckled around the year 1914 and the Endurance's trans-Arctic expedition. History says the expedition failed, but history is rapidly changing, and if you don't repair this temporal rift, history—and your reality—may fall apart completely.

In the Expedition: Endurance expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, when Bob gives you the mission, he appears as stressed as he's ever been. "Alright kiddos," he begins, "I won't hide that the situation is dire." He goes on to label the anomaly as one of "the worst sort."

Meanwhile, Sam and Laura are conspicuously absent. It's clear that tensions are running high. The office isn't functioning at one-hundred percent. And to top it off, Bob suspects the intervention of supernatural forces…

You can learn more about your mission by exploring Base locations A through C.

Death and Madness

From the moment you shift consciousness from your body in its caisson to your receptacle in the frozen interior of the Endurance, you'll notice two things above all else:

First, you'll find yourself surrounded by death. Things are clearly not what they were meant to be. History has unraveled to a profound and disturbing degree. And while the Antarctic cold begins numbing your extremities, you'll recognize the need to solve this mystery quickly. The stakes are clearly life and death.

Second, you'll feel your dread gnawing at you. Whether it's the cold or the death or something else entirely, you'll find that there's something about this specific mission that is truly and deeply unsettling. Accordingly, all the receptacles of Expedition: Endurance come with a measure of Sanity, and you can expect this Sanity to be strained and tested, even as you deal with the physical challenges of life in a setting where the temperature can plunge as low as forty-five degrees below zero.

You can click meet three of the Endurance's crew members by clicking on their cards.

Broken Time. Frozen in Terror.

Few games are as immersive as T.I.M.E Stories. Its innovative mechanics permit truly cooperative approaches to mysteries and adventures of all varieties. And these mysteries are just as free as the members of the T.I.M.E Agency to go anywhere, in any era, and allow you to become anyone.

You could slip into the body of a warrior in a Middle Ages infused with magic. You could open your eyes to find the blinding sun reflected on the waters of the Nile. Or you could shift into a body that's nearly frozen, possessed by an individual whose mind is beginning to crack…

You may hear the groaning of the wooden frame around you as it strains against the ice that's trapped it. You may need a moment to adjust your eyes to the dim light before you see the traces of frost along the walls. Then, as you explore the ship, looking for clues as to what has happened, you may find yourself stumbling deeper into a mystery of circumstances far more terrifying than you may have ever imagined.

What will you find when you begin exploring the beautifully illustrated and intricately woven stories of Expedition: Endurance? You can only hope you find the cause of the temporal fault before you end up too scarred by your efforts to repair it.

Expedition: Endurance is scheduled for release at U.S. in the first quarter of 2017!