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A Night of Terrors

Preview the Expansions for Ghost Stories

30 December 2015 | Ghost Stories



From the land of the dead, Wu-Feng has arisen once more! Now, he sends an army of ghosts to recover his ashes, which will allow him to once more dominate the world with his dark powers. In Ghost Stories, you are one of a few noble Taoist priests tasked with facing and defeating this danger. The battle is dangerous no matter what, but if you want to truly challenge your skills, look no further than the Ghost Stories expansions!

Black Secret, White Moon

Ghost Stories features two unique expansions that invite you to unleash hell on Earth. White Moon offers dangerous new Ghost cards, and you’ll also be forced to protect the village inhabitants as they flee from the ghosts’ hauntings! If you can save entire families, however, you’ll gain powerful artifacts that may be able to turn the battle in your favor. You’ll also gain the friendship of a mysterious and benevolent ghost known as Su-Ling. With the help of her Moon Crystals, you may be able to protect the village from the onslaught long enough to defeat Wu-Feng.

Black Secret changes the rules of the base game entirely by allowing one player to play as Wu-Feng himself! Now, the Wu-Feng player can actively search for the hidden funerary urns of ashes by dispatching demons to search the catacombs beneath the village, even as the Taoists battle ghosts in the village above. To face this new threat, the Taoists gain access to the Bloody Mantras and other powerful abilities. Only the greatest team of Taoist priests can overcome the unleashed might of Wu-Feng.

Forge a Legend

The mighty deeds that you perform as you battle Wu-Feng will surely become a legend passed on across centuries. Time runs short, and ghosts are already approaching the village. Prepare for the fight of your life, and pick up your copies of the Black Secret and White Moon expansions at your local retailer today!