New Releases

  • Kharnage

    USD 34.99 · Available in Stores

    Kharnage is a fast-paced, tactical card game for two to four players that puts you and your opponents in command of massive fantasy armies. Whether you’re fighting for the Dwarves, the Humans, the Goblins, or the Orcs, you'll have to muster your forces, lead them to war, and collect the skulls of your enemies!

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  • The Thames Murders and Other Cases

    USD 49.99 · Available in Stores

    Ten fully revised cases for the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective line from Space Cowboys are now available. The Thames Murders and Other Cases offers ten thrilling cases, each drawing up to eight players into the mystery surrounding a deadly crime in the world of Sherlock Holmes.

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  • Unlock! The Formula

    USD 14.99 · Available in Stores

    Three Unlock! adventures—The Formula, Squeek & Sausage, and The Island of Dr. Goorse—are now available. In these card-driven, app-supported escape room games, you’ll need to work together with to piece together clues, solve puzzles, and make deductions to escape before your time runs out.

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