New Releases

  • Hit Z Road

    $39.99 · Available in Stores

    In Hit Z Road, the zombie road trip game by renowned designer Martin Wallace, players race from Chicago to L.A. through an increasingly difficult deck of location cards, scavenging for gas, ammo, and rations. Their biggest obstacle? The hordes of zombies that attack them at nearly every turn. 

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  • Via Nebula

    $59.99 · Available in Stores

    Nebula valley has just emerged from an era of darkness and the people need your help to reclaim their homeland and rebuild their lives. Explore the misty meadows, unearth precious resources, and build towns and transportation atop the ruins of what the valley used to hold.

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  • Cash 'n Guns: Team Spirit

    $29.99 · Available in Stores

    You’re no longer looting and shooting on your own with Cash ’N Guns: Team Spirit. Seven new characters bring new Surprises and Powers along with them, as well as a silencer that fits on your favorite weapon and three never-before-fired guns. 

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