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7 Wonders

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30+ minutes 3 – 7 players Ages 13+

Lead an ancient city as it rises to become a world power in 7 Wonders, a competitive civilization building game set in the ancient Mediterranean and designed by Antoine Bauza. You might fortify your city and assault your neighbors in search of military victory, create a haven for artisans, scientists, and philosophers, or focus your economy and profit from trade. You might even complete a magnificent architectural wonder that will fascinate mankind for eons to come and grant your city lasting renown. Every turn, you'll have a chance to add a building to your city, acquire coins, or construct another stage of your Wonder. Then you'll pass the cards to the next player, who may profit from your choices. With seven double-sided boards and over a hundred cards, 7 Wonders offers plentiful replayability and numberless paths to victory.

  • Seven double-sided Wonder boards and accompanying Wonder cards
  • 49 Age I cards
  • 49 Age II cards
  • 49 Age III cards
  • 46 Conflict tokens
  • Two "two player" cards
  • 70 coins
  • ‚ÄčOne rulebook and a help sheet
Technical Data


Country of Origin China

Dimensions 11.25 x 3.00 x 11.25 in.

Weight 3.76 lbs.

Case Quantity 6

Dimensions 20.00 x 12.50 x 12.50 in.

Weight 18.26 lbs.