Colt Express Asmoplay Kit


In Colt Express, the winner of the 2015 Spiel des Jahres award, players are train-robbing outlaws on a three-dimensional train each vying to end the game with the most loot. Colt Express offers players a truly unique experience that challenges you to play your moves without knowing what your opponents' plans are, making it an excellent game for casual and tournment play!

Each promotional kit for Colt Express comes with prize support for up to 24 players. Two copies of Colt Express will come with each order of the 2016 Asmoplay program. The contents of the promotional kit are not for resale.

  • 2 train track playmats
  • 4 train sttion terrain pieces
  • 24 "Cursed Loot" sets
  • 2 event posters
  • 1 information booklet
  • 2 singn-up sheets
  • 2 event